Bunker vessels

Gulf Bunkering transports its fuels in owned advanced, tank tranpsort and bunker vessels. The bunker vessels are equiped with a fully automated delivery system. In addition, the vessels feature high-capacity pumps so that bunkering is always possible within a relatively short time span.

Name of vessel Capacity
mts. Gulf Max 210 cbm
mts. Gulf Mar 210 cbm
mts. Lauwersoog 185 cbm
mts. Eskimo 350 cbm
mts. Gulf Merit 210 cbm
mts. Sigma 210 cbm
mts. Joost Kruijff 170 cbm
mts. Antares 320 cbm
mts. Marple 170 cbm
mts. Janny 105 cbm
mts. Buizerd 58 cbm