Welcome to Gulf Bunkering

Gulf Bunkering locatiesGulf Bunkering is a bunker supplier of various high-quality fuels and lubricants for all oceangoing and inland vessels. We own an advanced double-hull barge fleet empowering 24 hours’ bunker services every day in all Dutch ports. In addition, our vessels are featured with a fully automated delivery system to ensure fast and efficient logistics deliveries.

Next to deliveries by barge also truck deliveries can be deployed. All these trucks can be positioned throughout the Netherlands for various products and meet the highest safety standards.


We impose the highest quality standards of our products. Quality guarantees are ensured because of our highly selective attitude towards our suppliers. We attach great value to our reputation as a reliable supplier. If you have any questions or observations, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Planning and sales is done from our office in Den Helder. Thanks to Gulf’s broad infrastructure, all deliveries are consistently competitive and flexible.

For observations or inquiries please contact:
+31 223 677 024

Product specifications

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The general Nove Terms of Delivery and Payment apply to all offers, supplies and agreements.